Gospel focused productivity is what we all desire for our lives. Focusing on this process will help push back darkness and move the needle in the Kingdom of God.

Our prayer for the gospel focused community is that God would use this tool to bring direction and order to what is very often a chaotic and scattered day.

The five foundations that gospel focused is built on is faith, family, finances, fitness and focus. Our mission is to help bring more balance to these five areas. This balance will result in less stress and more intentionality to your day.

Gospel Focused created the 13-week planner, LifeJournal, as a tool to help believers organize their day, accomplish their goals, and grow in the their faith.

We are unapologetic in our belief that goal setting and productivity are not separate from or at odds with spiritual disciplines. Instead, they work hand-in-hand, and gospel focused is a catalyst to facilitate that.

Welcome to the gospel focused family, let’s dig deep in order to push back darkness through productivity and move the needle in the Kingdom of God.