“Your work and productivity matter to God and are profoundly important in his eyes. This goes for every job you may have. If you’re mopping floors for a living, you are mopping floors for the glory of God. Working productively allows you to honor God by maximizing the use of your time and to do more good works for his glory. This is what Christian productivity is all about.”

– Kevin Halloran

With 2020 almost 30 days in – we want you to be sure you have the tools in place and in hand to make February the most productive month of the year.

LifeJournal is a 13-week Gospel focused productivity planner that can help you accomplish your goals, organize your day and grow in your spiritual disciplines.

Dawson Russell

Dawson Russell

Dawson Russell is a founder of Gospel Focused, LifeJournal and Faithly. Dawson lives in Austin, Tx with his wife Neva, and two boys Shepherd and Judah. When not exploring Faith-based productivity, Dawson enjoys photography, tex-mex, flying his drone, and the outdoors.

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