Did you know that music has a scientific-proven effect on how productive or focused you can be?


Choosing the right music to listen to for those times you need to be ultra focused or productive can make all the difference in the world.

If you really want to dive into some of the details of how this works check out this article –> 

For focus-curated music my personal favorite app is called Brain.fm.
I notice an almost immediate result when listening to Brain.fm for little boring tasks like cleaning out my inbox, or reviewing documents.
We have no affiliate deal with brain.fm just really love their product.
I’ve also loved using their relax soundtracks for reading scripture, praying or organizing my schedule.
Dawson Russell

Dawson Russell

Dawson Russell is a founder of Gospel Focused, LifeJournal and Faithly. Dawson lives in Austin, Tx with his wife Neva, and two boys Shepherd and Judah. When not exploring Faith-based productivity, Dawson enjoys photography, tex-mex, flying his drone, and the outdoors.

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