My wife just called me on FaceTime and said the normal “your son has something to tell you phrase.”

My son is 3 going on 4 in a few months so you know if you have kids around the same age or have had kids the same age or have been around kids of that age, the amazing, hilarious, truthful things that come out of their mouths.

My youngest son was crying (he just turned 2) and my oldest said “I think he is crying because he wants to keep the car forever”.

My wife is currently in a loaner car from the dealership since we were having work done on her car.

How many times is this us?

I think that person or this person is upset because of (insert reason that we make up in our heads), or I think that person or this person doesn’t want to hang out or talk because of (insert reason that we make up in our heads).

My oldest son has no reason to think or to know if my youngest is really crying because he likes the new car, but it seems like a logical statement to him.

How many times do we make up things in our heads, that cause us to react or not react in our daily relationships instead of leaning into prayer and God’s word to guide us to truth.

My prayer and hope is that we would rely more on truth than our own thoughts and assumptions going forward.

ps: I do not own the cool land rover defender in the photo but would love to have someday. truth.

Dawson Russell

Dawson Russell

Dawson Russell is a founder of Gospel Focused, LifeJournal and Faithly. Dawson lives in Austin, Tx with his wife Neva, and two boys Shepherd and Judah. When not exploring Faith-based productivity, Dawson enjoys photography, tex-mex, flying his drone, and the outdoors.

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